Who doesn't love food?

I don't own any of the pictures I post, unless stated otherwise. All credit is given to the owner. Message me what you're craving and I'll post those foods.

sweetoothdesign: Hi, we just released a tea diagram illustration called "Alchemy of Tea". If you like tea or graphic design, please help reblog! Thank you very much for your help! We would like to express our appreciation by putting your name on our Thank You List as well! Have a Wonderful Day! 

Hey!! Check this out!!

bronzewitch30928: I am absolutely craving a good plate of fich right now. 

I don’t know what that is :(

Anonymous: Can you post some pancakes and like French toast and stuff please? Love your blog btw x 

Thanks, and I’m craving that kind of thing too. I haven’t had french toast in years omg.